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Fundraising is ongoing for our new community hall and kitchen

Sainte-Sophie, Septembre 1st 2017

Dear Dharma friends and supporters,

I hope you are well as well as your family.

I would like to share with you some great news regarding our development project for the TsongKhapa Meditation Center (CMT), located in the forest, on a very peaceful land in the countryside, in the beautiful Laurentian region, 45 min north of Montreal. The center officially opened on August 15 2015 in Ste-Sophie, and many great Masters are honoring us of their visit, while students from the region and from around the world are receiving in our center the precious teachings of the Mahayana tradition.

We now have a beautiful meditation and prayer hall (Gompa), a library, rooms for the monks and visiting students, a bookstore and a reception, but we still need to develop a community hall with kitchen (phase 3) so we can fulfill the mission of the Temple, organize events and social activities, and thus accommodate members, students and visitors according to the tradition.

Over the last two years, we have worked with professionals and the city to develop a community hall and kitchen in agreement with the law of Québec in Canada. The best option identified is to transform the small existing building (currently a very clean garage) into the community hall and kitchen, install plumbing and bathrooms as per the construction law (including a bathroom with access for people with limited walking capacity) and connect it with the existing septic system (there is no space for another system because of rocks and removing rocks would be too expensive) (see plan below).

However, the Québec law did not allow connecting two buildings on the same septic system, and we could not pursue the project. At the same time, the septic engineer informed us that the law in Quebec was in the process of changing and recently he told us that the law now authorizes, in specific cases, to connect buildings with the same septic system. Today,

September 1st, the city confirmed that this new law is applicable to our project and gave us the green light; we are very happy to share with you this great news.

On this auspicious day, I am requesting of your generosity to provide some donation and help us develop the Tsongkhapa meditation center dedicated to the benefit of all sentient beings. Please feel free to circulate this information to friends and colleagues who would like to support us. We are starting right away this project and our goal is to complete everything before the winter, so please send your donation at your earlier convenience.

The overall amount of the fundraising is $55,000 (see details below) and we already received $12,800 which allowed us to cover for the professional fees for the permit and to install two beautiful large window-doors that brings a lot of light into the building. To contribute further to this fundraising, you can make your donation by Paypal, by sending a check, or at the center by credit card or cash. A tax receipt will be issued upon request.

For further details or any question, please consult with my assistant Lobsang Tashi, at CMT office 1-450-504-2955 or Cell phone: 1-514-995-3486 or by email at meditationtsongkhapa@gmail.org.

We thank you from the bottom of our heart for your continued support and generosity and we look forward to seeing you at our center.

Tashi Delek,

Zawa Tulku Rinpoché
Spiritual Director
TsongKhapa Meditation Center


Transform the existing smaller building (garage) to establish a community hall with a kitchen

Project estimate

Professional fees for permit (architect & engineers $3,250.00
Professional fees for construction (contractor, plumber) $12,700.00
Electricity (electrician fees and heaters) $5,500.00
Construction material (windows, doors, rough, bathroom) $15,300.00
Septic connection to existing septic system and pump (see below) $7,750
Kitchen cupboard and counters - professional fees and material $5,750.00
Furniture for community room and kitchen equipment $4,750.00
Total $55,000.00
Already received $12,800.00

Plan of the site & septic connection

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Architect plan of the community hall and kitchen

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