Ven Zawa Tulku Rinpoche

Ven. Zawa Tulku Rinpoche

Ven. Zawa Tulku Lobsang Dorje Chokye Gyaltsen Rinpoche is the Spiritual Director of the Tsongkhapa Meditation Center. He was born in India, in 1978. Recognized as the reincarnation of Zawa Geshe Rinpoche, he became a ordained monk at Ganden Shartse monastery in 1982. There, he studied Buddhist philosophy until 1998. He then embarked upon an international tour, teaching at numerous Dharma centers. In addition to his dedication to teaching Buddhism, he is also a master of the construction of sand mandalas and ritual arts. His specialities include healing and purification rituals. He is renowned for his kindness and pure morality.